Sunnet Systems Unveils Game-Changer Huawei Kunlun Server

Sunnet Systems and Datacom Service Limited, a Huawei top-level strategic partner has brought into the Nigeria server market a game-changer server with capacity for partitioning to any level.


The server, known as Huawei Kunlun Server which was launched today in Lagos, South-West Nigeria is said to be adequately designed by Huawei Technology Company to meet the mission critical application needs of organisations in the telecoms business, banking sectors and is currently serving the needs Galaxy Backbone, a company owned by the Nigerian government.

Speaking in an interview with Technology Journalist after the launch of the Huawei Kunlun Serve, Managing/CEO of Sunnet Systems and Datacom Service Limited, Mr. Paul Olagunju said that the Huawei Kunlun server delivers an enterprise level server for security and processing capacity in medium to very large level enterprise in the data hosting business.

He said that irrespective of the kind of business wither in the public or private sector that has requirement for data storage and intuitive security, the Kunlun server is the best choice adding that the need for it covers the financial institutions including businesses in the manufacturing sector running SAP.

According to Olagunju, the server is scalable, available, serviceable and gives almost 100 per cent uptime availability saying, “even when you need to carry out maintenance, you don’t need to bring down the server meaning that you can do concurrent maintenance on them.”

He added that the server is at par with any server in the market or across the global stressing, “That is why we are hosting our customers here today and to tell them that Huawei now has what it takes to deliver enterprise class solution.”

He disclosed that it has the capacity to be partitioned into several partitions depending on the business requirement of the client saying that “you can also do what is called micro-partition such that you can have partitions within partitions. I doubt if there is any like the Kunlun server in the industry today.”

Describing the Huawei Kunlun server as cloud ready, he stated that irrespective of the intention of acquiring the server, which could be for public or private clouding, it can easily integrate into existing infrastructure noting that the client does not lost anything purchasing it but rather it helps to manage existing infrastructure seamlessly.

He said introduction of the server into the industry was as a result of the desire to the meet the needs of Sunnet Systems client, which brought Sunnet into partnership with Huawei about four years ago.

According to him, Sunnet System has been able to work with Huawei Technology to deploy the appropriate technology to meet the needs of its clients and deliver seamless solutions that helps its customers focus on their business.

He said that they have the right kind of technology that ensure the customer has the best at the most affordable price adding that they have the technology that is resilient, serviceable and optimal for any business environment.

Olagunju disclosed that his company marketers a lot of solutions for Huawei Technology and that it has several end-to-end solutions that Sunnet Systems delivers to its client which include network, server and security solutions.

Chief Technical Officer of Sunnet Systems, Mr Steve Ojedele while reviewing the performance value of the server said that it does not require a management change noting that the server is a technology distortion that is designed for an open environment and essential for banking environment.

He added that beyond be highly reliable, it is flexible thereby making it easy to make changes on it even when critical apps are running and that it speaks volume of the technology impact of Huawei the Nigerian economy adding that Huawei has its own specialised chips that allows components within a system to talk to each other.

Seyi Obiyemi from Huawei Technology while giving an overview of Huawei IT data centre solutions said that presently Huawei have sold over 2.6 million servers in the last few years saying that within the past 10 years of its enterprise business it has been recognised as the third party firm in data centre business in China.

He said also that its present revenue growth rate in data storage was as a result of the huge investment in research and development saying that 15 per cent of its revenue goes into research and development.

Isaiah Erhiawarien, Lagos

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