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Telecos Revenue from Business SMS to Grow Just by 5% in 2024, as SMS Pricing Becomes Unsustainable

Telecos Revenue from Business SMS to Grow Just by 5% in 2024, as SMS Pricing Becomes Unsustainable

Having experienced decline in growth from the previous year, in which operators experienced a 23% growth in global business SMS revenue, revenue from business SMS traffic will grow by only 5% in 2024.

According to Juniper Research, this reduction in growth is primarily due to a reduction in demand from enterprises, following significant SMS price increases from operators. 

To restore significant growth in the market, the study urges operators to make substantial cuts to SMS termination costs; ensuring that the average termination cost does not exceed $0.10 per message. Without these price reductions, the study predicts that the market for SMS business messaging will become unsustainable due to high termination costs causing a lack of return on investment for enterprises. In turn, operators risk losing revenue-generating traffic to other mediums, such as APIs or OTT business messaging.

The study also assessed the threat from OTT messaging apps, such as WhatsApp, to operators’ business messaging revenue. It found that there will be considerable growth in OTT business messaging traffic which will cannibalise operators’ business messaging revenue; most notably for authentication traffic such as OTPs (one-time passwords) and MFA (multifactor authentication).

Research author Molly Gatford added: “Operators are expected to lose $3.1 billion in business messaging revenue to OTT messaging channels over the next five years, and in order to mitigate these losses, operators must look to support new technologies, such as APIs, to retain high levels of mobile messaging traffic in its ecosystem.”

The new research suite offers the most comprehensive assessment of the A2P messaging market to date, including market analysis and in-depth forecasts for 60 countries. The dataset contains over 72,000 market statistics within a five-year period. It includes a ‘Competitor Leaderboard’ and ‘Country Readiness Index’.



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