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Less Developed Countries Lead in Use of Social Media for Brand Research

Less Developed Countries Lead in Use of Social Media for Brand Research

The concept of social media not only provides marketers with the opportunity to reach large audiences, but it also enables brands to interact with customers and drive user engagement on a level never seen before. Social media users, especially the younger ones, love this approach, which is why more and more use these platforms for brand research.

According to data presented by, nearly half of the global Internet population uses social media to find information about brands and products.

Companies across the globe continue pouring money into social media campaigns as one of the best ways to boost brand awareness and improve sales. The latest DataReportal survey shows this effort pays off, as more than 45% of internet users regularly use social media platforms for brand research. Still, one platform is far ahead of the others.

According to the survey, the world`s third-largest social media platform and the most popular platform among users, Instagram, is the number-one place for brand and product research. Statistics show that 62.4% of Instagram users used the platform to learn more about the products and services they liked or were interested in, showing much more activity than Facebook`s or TikTok`s audience.

Although Facebook remains the leading social media platform used by marketers worldwide, its advertising audience is less engaged. Statistics show that only 54.2% of Facebook users used its platform to follow or research brands and products this year, indicating that online audiences are increasingly paying attention to other platforms.

TikTok was the third most-used platform for brand research in 2023, with 42.6% of its users connecting with brands on its platform. Pinterest and Twitter had a similar share, with roughly one-third of active users doing the same. Statistics show Snapchat, which is especially popular among teenagers, was at the back of the list, with only one-fifth of its users doing brand research on the platform.

The DataReportal survey also gave an interesting insight into which nations use social media most for brand research. Statistics show Nigerians are at the top of the list, with 84% of the country`s internet population doing so. Kenya ranked second, with a high 76% share, and Ghana follows with 74%. All three countries were far above the global average of 45% or the shares seen in the Western countries.

According to the survey, around 37% of Americans turned to social media to learn more about a brand or its products, 5% more than Germans or Britons. On the other hand, respondents from the Netherlands and South Korea were the least likely to do so, with 26% and 22% shares, respectively.


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