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NDPC’s Vincent Olatunji Nominated for Giovanni Buttarelli Award 2024

NDPC’s Vincent Olatunji Nominated for Giovanni Buttarelli Award 2024

The National Commissioner/ Chief Executive Officer, Dr Vincent Olatunji has been nominated for the Giovanni Buttarelli Award 2024. The award through the Global Privacy Assembly recognises an individual’s outstanding leadership and exceptional efforts in fostering international collaboration. This nomination highlights Dr Vincent’s commitment to driving innovation, expanding global partnerships, and promoting a collaborative approach within the data privacy and protection ecosystem.

Under the visionary leadership of Vincent, the Data Privacy ecosystem in Nigeria has witnessed a remarkable growth through key milestones such as deepening the knowledge of data protection and privacy in all public and private institutions, judicial recognition of adequacy principle in cross-border data transfer, playing key roles in regional and global data privacy ecosystem, commencement of bilateral cooperation with other jurisdictions, licensing of data protection compliance organisations, commencement of national data protection certification process, among others.

Vincent’s strategic and innovative initiatives has been instrumental in forging strong international partnerships, driving sustainable growth, fostering a culture of collaboration which has not only propelled the NDPC to new heights but also set a benchmark for international cooperation and industry standards.

The Giovanni Buttarelli Award celebrates leaders who have demonstrated exceptional leadership and/or promoted collaboration at a regional or international level in the field of data privacy and protection. Nominees are evaluated based on their contributions to projects that has led to the development of innovative concepts or practices, which have significantly impacted the thinking in the international data protection and privacy community, partnerships, and initiatives that enhance global cooperation and development.

In his response to the nomination, he said: “I am deeply honored to be nominated for the Giovanni Buttarelli Award 2024” said Dr Vincent. “This recognition is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our entire team at NDPC. It underscores the power of collaboration and the remarkable outcomes we can achieve when we work together across borders. I am excited to continue our journey, driving innovation and fostering partnerships that make a positive impact globally.”


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