Sidmach Unveils Integrated Cloud Platform

Sidmach Technologies Nigeria Limited has developed has developed a collection of integrated solutions and services comprehensive cloud platform known as the Sidmach Cloud Platform (SCP), which enable individuals and organisations to improve productivity, grow revenue, reduce operational cost, reach new markets and improve efficiency.


One of the platforms, according to the Managing Director of Sidmach Technologies, Limited, Mr. Peter Arogundade is the hospital management software (HMS) dubbed All Purpose Medical Information System (APMIS) meant to capture, store, exchange and utilise healthcare data/information easily and transparently.

Another platform is the School Safety Portal, an effective solution to manage and disseminate school safety information and oversight compliance, as provide by the Lagos State Safety Commission.

Arogundade, told journalist at the launch of the SCP that safety in schools cannot be over emphasised saying that “our children and their teachers need a secure, positive and confortable environment to help them teach and learn.”

He noted that the school safety portal provides for an early intervention and prevention through awareness on safety issues, quick response to emergencies and crisis saying that information sharing and collaboration between schools and other agencies as well as reliable statistics to enhance preventive measures on safety are key aspects of the function of the portal.

Speaking on the efficacies of APMIS, lead, Implementation and Support, APMIS (at Sidmach) Dr. Uche Chime, said that it solves the problems associated with data/information/knowledge for hospital owner, healthcare professionals, care givers, patients, government, health maintenance organization and other healthcare stakeholder.

He said, “APMIS is more than just an electronic health records (EHR) system or a hospital management software (HMS), it is an innovative Health Information System (HIS) that connects all stakeholders together on a single platform to harness the value that is inherent in our connectedness either for health service delivery, education, research or administration”.

According to him, it costs of nothing to deploy APMIS, while users can leverage it to generate revenue saying, “The Telemedicine and E-health network harnesses the potentials of a connected healthcare platform which is the most efficient utility for transforming healthcare in resource constrained environments”.

Chime added that with APMIS users would be able to connect and share information easily between the medical records/ front desk; clinic; ward; pharmacy; laboratory; radiology; payment unit; HMO processing unit; bloodbank; inventory and supplies; human resource and payroll and patients.

“APMIS is built to interconnect with other facilities that interact with you such as:  HMOs; external pharmacy; external laboratory and diagnostic centers; external imaging centers; external bloodbanks and government institution requiring reports”, he said.

On his part, Mr. Oluseyi Odusanya, Head of Sales at Sidmach Technologies Nigeria Limited, said that the solution is aimed at assisting users transform their hospitals effortlessly, improving profitability, efficiency and quality of care through information technology by implementing successfully a cost-effective integrated e-Health information system.

Odusanyasaid when fully rolled out, hospital owners stand to use APMIS “Make your hospital easy to manage and increase profitability; increase revenue through multiple income streams; remotely monitor all collections in your hospital and decrease expenditure and wastages.

He disclosed that APMIS enables the user to provide mechanism to monitor input, output and processes of the hospital services; provide mechanism to implement and monitor staff performance of activities as well as reduce the paper work and processes required to manage the hospital.

He added that APIMS provides remote monitoring for activities and processes within your hospital; improve revenue collection cycle as well as significantly reduce pilferage; reduce overhead expenses saying that payroll burden and increase patient satisfaction and word of mouth recommendation for user services.

“It is also an easy means of showcasing advancement in the hospital as well as increase the reputation of your hospital in your environment, nationally and worldwide”, he stated.

He said that APMIS will enable users become the healthcare provider of choice in their locality.


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