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US TikTok Advertising Audience Hits 23% in Six Months

US TikTok Advertising Audience Hits 23% in Six Months

Six years after its launch, TikTok continues ruling the social media space. The popular video-sharing app is on track to hit a new record number of downloads, while its global user base swelled to a whopping 1.9 billion.

With millions of people joining TikTok space each year, it`s no wonder marketers are willing to dig deep into their pockets to promote on its platform.

According to data presented by, TikTok`s advertising audience in the United States, its number-one market, has grown by 23% in just six months, reaching nearly 144 million people last month.

The United States, Vietnam, and Pakistan Saw the Biggest Growth of TikTok Advertising Audience

According to the latest DataReportal survey, the United States has not only remained TikTok`s largest advertising market but is also one of the three countries with the biggest audience growth. In April, more than 116 million Americans engaged with the popular video-sharing platform.

However, this figure has jumped by 23% since then, with TikTok`s US advertising audience now counting nearly 144 million people.

Vietnam saw an identical six-month growth rate, with the number of people engaging with the app rising from 50.5 million to 62.6 million. Still, that is nothing compared to the growth rate in Pakistan.

The DataReportal survey showed TikTok`s ad audience in this country has surged by 74% in just six months, growing from 27.5 million in April to more than 48 million in October.

On the other hand, Indonesia, TikTok`s second-largest advertising market, saw a negative trend, with the audience shrinking from roughly 112 million to 106.5 million people in this period.

The negative trend was also reported in the Philippines and Thailand, which saw a 3% and 7% ad audience drop between April and October, and in France and the United Kingdom.

Brazil, TikTok`s third largest ad market, now counts nearly 95 million users, 12% more than six months ago. Mexico follows with close to 69 million users and a 10% growth in this period.

And while the United States has the largest TikTok advertising audience globally, three other countries lead in TikTok reach.

According to a DataReportal survey, in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Malaysia, virtually 100% of the population aged 18 and older have used the popular video-sharing app and engaged with its platform last month.

Vietnam and Chile followed, with 86% and 84% shares, respectively. The United States saw 53.9% of its population aged 18 and older engaging with TikTok, far more than top European markets where between 25% and 35% of the population did the same. Still, that was considerably more than the 21.5% share on a global level.


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