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Banking-as-a-Service Platform Revenue to Reach $94bn by 2028, as API Deployment Unlocks Fintech Innovation

Banking-as-a-Service Platform Revenue to Reach $94bn by 2028, as API Deployment Unlocks Fintech Innovation

Global BaaS (Banking-as-a-Service) platform revenue generated from account/card issuing and transaction fees will grow by 158% to 2028; up from $36.4 billion this year. This expansion primarily comes from API deployment across eCommerce and freelance platforms, by connecting consumers to innovative financial tools, and so unlocking additional revenue streams for BaaS providers.

Juniper Research in its latest study said that the BaaS business model involves the delivery of digital banking services by licenced banks. Through the APIs (Application Programming Interface), these integrate directly into the products of non-banking businesses.

Regulatory friction is raising the cost of compliance for BaaS providers, with issues around KYC (Know Your Customer) processes increasing the scope of compliance programmes. This will make it harder for smaller fintech companies from non-traditional backgrounds to succeed in the BaaS space. To maximise revenue in a difficult market, we encourage BaaS providers to integrate their solutions with digital platforms, including eCommerce platforms or travel companies.

BaaS platforms can cater to the financial needs of gig workers and freelancers offering specialised banking products such as short-term loans, or income-soothing solutions tailored to users with irregular income streams. What separates this from accessing traditional loans is that workers loan directly from the platform, or they can access their accrued wages early.

Research author Daniel Bedford commented: “Financial inclusion is driven by accessibility, and BaaS helps serve specific industries or demographics overlooked by traditional banks’ all‑encompassing approach. This allows businesses to stand out and focus on being inclusive to their specific audience; driving growth.”


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