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Experts, Industry Leaders, Students & Others Showcase Tech Skills at Accra Expo

Experts, Industry Leaders, Students & Others Showcase Tech Skills at Accra Expo

Accra Institute of Technology (AIT), the esteemed private university recognized as Ghana’s top private educational institution by the Ghana Tertiary Awards, recently hosted the 2023 edition of the Science, Technology, and Innovation Expo (STI Expo).

This spectacular event took place at the university’s Knowledge City Campus in Kokomlemle, Accra on Thursday, October 19, 2023, and drew a diverse audience that included AIT’s faculty, staff, and students, industry leaders, and student representatives from selected schools and tertiary institutions in Accra.

The AIT STI Expo is an annual showcase event designed to allow AIT students to present their final-year projects to the public. The expo is conducted in collaboration with industry and commerce, serving as a bridge between academic research and real-world applications.

Students from various schools within the university, including the Advanced School of Systems and Data Studies (ASSDAS), School of Advanced Technologies and Engineering Sciences (SATES), and AIT Business School (ABS), presented their research projects.

On the event’s agenda were presentations on current research undertaken by AIT’s final-year students in fields such as Engineering, Information Technology, and Business, highlighting remarkable advancements and innovations. The program also included student pitch and project plan competitions, offering valuable experience to graduating seniors in the startup process, as well as an afternoon exhibition of Senior Design Projects, which represent the pinnacle of the AIT undergraduate experience.

Accra Institute of Technology’s overarching goal is to establish itself as a hub of excellence in science, technology, and innovation. The university’s unique curriculum integrates entrepreneurial experiences, equipping students with skills in design, teamwork, project management, and business in partnership with leading industry and government collaborators.

Among the projects showcased were a wide array of innovations, including an IoT-based Palm Oil quality monitoring and notification system, a SMART UV-C Disinfecting sanitizing closet, a Domestic Power Supply Management System, an Electronic Cart (Advanced Smart Shopping Basket), a Smart Multi-User Energy Meter, a Portable Microwave Oven, and a Refrigerator operating on a Hybrid Power Source with optimal battery storage.

Additionally, students presented projects related to Helmet detection and license plate recognition systems, Gaseous Pollutants Level Monitoring, Pneumonia detection, algorithm visualizers, real-time face mask, gender and age detection systems using Python, a mobile application for detecting plant diseases and pests based on deep learning and computer vision, and research on the effects of artificial intelligence on human resource functions, bancassurance’s impact on the performance of financial institutions in Ghana, and an assessment of work-related stress management practices among female staff, among others.

Professor Benjamin Aggrey Ntim, who chaired the event, emphasized AIT’s commitment to practical education, bridging the gap between industry and academia. AIT’s curricula extend beyond traditional classroom teaching and online learning, incorporating site visits to various industries, hydropower plants, and rural communities. Students gain hands-on experience by working in various industries before earning their graduation certificates.

Prof. Clement Dzidonu, the President of Accra Institute of Technology, urged students, to take science and technology education seriously and make a positive impact on the world, and commended the organizers and exhibitors for their innovative STI Expo concept, encouraging all participants to prioritize sharing their research findings for commercialization.


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