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Virtual Card Transactions Accelerated by Issuing Platforms to Increase Globally by 388%

Virtual Card Transactions Accelerated by Issuing Platforms to Increase Globally by 388%

A new study from Juniper Research, the foremost experts in fintech & payments markets, has found that the total volume of virtual card transactions will reach 175 billion by 2028; rising from 36 billion in 2023. Growing by a significant 388%, the market will be accelerated by the adoption of API (Application Programming Interface) virtual card issuing platforms.

A virtual card uses a randomly generated and generally temporary card number linked to a payment account, which is used to process payments in lieu of genuine payment details. Virtual cards provide a secure and fast way to distribute funds, while effectively managing spending limits.

API Platforms Vital for Growth

The report identified easy-to-use API platforms, which allow businesses to establish a virtual card programme that they can deploy easily and scale alongside their needs, as a key development driving virtual card growth.

Research author Daniel Bedford commented: “By offering Banking-as-a-Service APIs featuring virtual cards, vendors such as Stripe empower businesses to launch their own virtual card programmes. We recommend that virtual card vendors focus on API-enabled models, to maximise the flexibility virtual cards provide.”

API Integration Key for Success

Another key success factor identified by the report was the readiness of a virtual card platform to easily integrate within an organisation’s own software and established infrastructure. For example, procurement-focused virtual cards need to integrate with accounts payable software in order to automate renewals, log payments and generate digital receipts. Virtual card vendors must therefore integrate with a wide range of third-party software systems across key verticals of interest, in order to maximise their success.

The Research Suite
The new market research suite offers the most comprehensive assessment of the virtual cards market to date; providing analysis and five-year forecasts comprising over 39,000 market statistics across 60 countries. It also includes a detailed examination of current and future market opportunities.


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