At Last! Huawei Solves Smartphone Most Common Problem, Cracked or Broken Screens

With the launch of the iconic new HUAWEI Mate50 Pro smartphone, HUAWEI has solved the most common problem smartphone owners face – that of cracked or broken screens due to accidental falls.


The new Mate50 Pro is fitted with virtually indestructible KunLun Glass, which is 10 times stronger than Corning Glass, and is highly resistant to cracks, scratches and falls. Some tests indicate it can withstand up to 32kg of pressure and online reviewers have found it comes up unscathed from tests like cracking walnuts.

Created by injecting nanocrystals to build a high-density supportive framework like that found in reinforced concrete, HUAWEI’s KunLun Glass represents yet another breakthrough in mobile engineering from HUAWEI.

The KunLun Glass coating consists of 10 quadrillion such nanocrystals, made possible by composite ion strengthening, 24-hour nanocrystal growth at high temperatures, 108-step micro-crystalline matrix material and panel processing techniques, and 1600℃ platinum smelting technology, which boosts the glass’ durability. Launched to market in the HUAWEI Mate50 smartphone, the innovation has seen the HUAWEI Mate50 Pro becoming the first smartphone to obtain the five-star glass drop resistance certification from Switzerland’s SGS.

Its resilience is enhanced by a vegan leather rear cover offering a soft, comfortable grip and outstanding impact resistance and resilience, and IP68-rated water resistance of up to six metres.

This means the HUAWEI Mate50 Pro is ready to accompany you on the most rugged adventures, handling anything you throw at it – literally. Whether you’re an adventure sports lover, traveller, or simply need to be always-on when you’re out and about, the HUAWEI Mate50 Pro can be trusted to preserve your memories and keep you connected – beautifully.

With a pleasing symmetrical form, an elegant Clous de Paris pattern and a classic ring camera layout, the Mate50 Pro boasts a 13MP wide-angle front camera and a cutting-edge 50MP Ultra Aperture Camera with a 10-size manually adjustable physical aperture – from F1.4 – for breathtaking bokeh and professional-looking results. It also offers smart aperture features to match the aperture size with the scene and shooting scenario identified in Auto mode.

Night mode captures photos with highly distinct bright and dark regions, even in dim environments, while the periscope telephoto camera supports up to 200x zoom range, and the wide-angle macro camera magnifies millimetre-level strands and dew droplets with outstanding clarity. The HUAWEI Mate50 Pro also supports macro video shooting and macro picture-in-picture (PIP) to accurately convey scenes in motion.

HUAWEI Mate50 Pro phones are the first to run EMUI 13 for a smooth user experience and effortless one-touch navigation. Storage and file sharing are optimised with SuperStorage to remove duplicate files and compresses rarely used apps., preserving up to 20GB of space for precious photos and videos. HUAWEI has also included SuperHub features to temporarily store images, documents, and text, and share them in batches, with free and easy transfers between apps and devices.

The HUAWEI Mate50 Pro display s with the P3 wide colour gamut, supports a refresh rate of 120 Hz and 1440 Hz PWM dimming to reduce flickering, while its dual stereo speaker system and upgraded sound effect engine with bass reinforcement algorithm provides more thump for your music, films, and games.

Audio noise reduction technology suppresses noise and optimises call quality, even in noisy environments like metro trains and shopping malls. Receiver mode further slashes ambient noise, to keep calls crystal clear.

Get extra peace of mind with the Mate50 Pro’s comprehensive privacy and security features, like real time app permission viewing in Privacy Centre, App Lock, Password Vault, File Safe, Find Device, and even Image Privacy Protection, which means that when you share an image, the phone automatically erases sensitive information such as the location and time.

Its low-battery Emergency Mode activates SuperEnergy Boosting when the battery level falls to 1%, giving you up to three hours of standby or 12 minutes of calling. SuperStorage removes duplicate files in an imperceptible way and compresses rarely used apps. This preserves up to 20GB of space, leaving more room for a vast quantity of photos and videos.

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