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JUST IN: NCC Merges SMP 2020-2024 and SVP 2021-2025 for Effective Attainment of Commission’s Mandate

JUST IN: NCC Merges SMP 2020-2024 and SVP 2021-2025 for Effective Attainment of Commission’s Mandate

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), has merged the the SMP 2020-2024 and SVP 2021-2025 due to the similarities in structure and focus of both the SMP and SVP.

In a document sighted by TechnologyMirror on the Commission, the NCC noted that both programmes are geared to demonstrate Management’s strategic direction in the attainment of the Commission’s mandate.

The document further stated: “In a bid to harmonize the two strategic documents of the Commission i.e., the Strategic Management Plan 2020-2024 (SMP 2020-2024) and the Strategic Vision Plan 2021-2025 (SVP 2021-2025), the five pillars of the SMP 2020-2024 and five strategic visions of the SVP 2021-2025 were critically examined side-by-side to establish areas with existing similarities, and differences.”

According to the NCC, the objectives of these pillars and visions were also closely examined to establish harmony on their intents, adding that harmonized objectives have also been incorporated into the Enterprise Scorecard under the Perspectives that speak to their goals. Below are the outcomes from the harmonization process.

By this development, the SVP 2023 t0 2025 has been developed into five pillars namely: Regulatory Excellence-
Promote organizational renewal for operational efficiency and responsive regulations for stakeholder satisfaction; Universal Broadband-Market Development Foster a competitive market that promotes innovation, usage of communications resources, and inclusive economic growth; Digital Economy-Provision of effective regulation and targeted interventions that enhance QoS and QoE for a sustainable digital economy; Strategic Collaboration-Enhance collaboration with industry, and other crosssector stakeholders for national development.

The Commission has also developed an Enterprise Scorecard bothering on four perspectives of stakeholders, Stewardship, internal process and organisational capacity.

It maybe recalled that the NCC has a history of developing Strategic Management Plans dating back to 2002 when the first Strategic Plan was developed, contributing to the growth of the telecom industry.

This trend continued and it led to the development of the Strategic Management Plan 2020-2024 (SMP 2020-2024) as well as the Strategic Vision Plan 2021-2025 (SVP 2021-2025) which the Commission was running concurrently. In a bid to optimise resources (human, time, and funding), Management directed the inclusion of the SVP interventions in the SMP Action Plan.


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