NCC Collaborates with FAAN to Launch ‘TELCARE Desk’ Consumer One-stop Help Desk

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), today in the nation’s capital city launched the Telecoms Consumer Assistance, Resolution and Enquiry Desk (TELCARE Desk) at the Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport Abuja to mark the 2023 World Consumer Rights Day.


The TELCARE Desk was designed by the NCC to provide industry news and update, information on regulations and policies, complaint resolution and support as well as Telecom consumer feedback and guidance.

The initiative, which done in collaboration with the Federal Airport Authority (FAAN) will spread across major international airports in the country with the sole objectives of facilitating and resolving consumer complaints and providing consumers with a platform to enquire about telecoms related issues.

The TELCARE Desk is also expected to provide a platform for advocacy on thematic consumers issues or concerns as well as enhance awareness on the commissions activities.

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