Over Four Million Nigerian Women Own Crypto, Ranks 9th Globally & Second in Africa

Nigerian women are on the 9th position of the percentage or women in leadership positions at crypto companies and more to reveal what role women are playing in crypto in 2023.


The research from Forex Suggest analysed global cryptocurrency owner statistics showed that Nigerian women are the are the second in the African list and coming globally after Brazil.

The report, which revealed the role are women playing in crypto in 2023 indicated that there has been a tangible effort by many companies and sectors to aim for more equal representation in terms of gender, race and sexuality.

This push for equality in company make-up often means encouraging under-represented groups to become more involved and take up leadership positions to show influence in decision-making and attract a wider variety of applicants.

However, there are many industries where the balance between demographics is tipped one way or the other. While this does not necessarily mean that any discrimination is taking place, it can make an industry seem more difficult for people outside of the dominant demographic to really make it.

With this in mind, we wanted to explore the disparity in gender representation within the cryptocurrency and blockchain sector when it came to positions of leadership and influence. Is there an imbalance between the genders in the crypto industry? And is this affecting engagement from underrepresented groups, leading to lower interest in owning cryptocurrency?

“We’ve looked at 50 CEOs of leading crypto and blockchain companies, and ranked them based on their online reach and influence. We will compare the number of male and female CEOs in this study, highlighting the 3 most influential CEOs of each gender”, said FOREX Suggest.

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